Hi Marissa, thanks for your blog post, I never really got into the Bachelor, but I watch some of one season, because my dad said he knew one of the people. So I am familiar. I totally notice that the "Bachelor Nation" is very strong, I have people that I follow on Twitter who go crazy about it, it seems very strong. I like that you talked about cancel culture as well. I hope all is well!

TikTok Librarians

Hello World, just to recap:

In my previous post I talked about how impossible it is to target teens because they don’t want to be targeted. Once teens know you are trying to target them, or get their attention they don’t want any part of it. I could say, this goes beyond teen years as well. I still don’t love when my parents try to tell me what to do, or what to like. …

We all know it, Gen Z doesn’t care about Facebook- they’re hardly on Twitter, and they probably wouldn’t be caught dead following their local library on Instagram… But maybe, just maybe, they can be reached through TikTok.

I’ll start off by saying it took way longer than I would like to admit to understand how TikTok works. I believe that TikTok is the most popular social media right now, and not only with Gen Z. I ended following 12 different public library pages

Jordan Confrey

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